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Looking for a reasonably priced way to solve your health problems without side effects? “I am an affordable, experienced, caring acupuncture and homeopathic physician in Sarasota and I’ll help you feel great!”

Melinda Leeson, DOM, AP, AMC

Melinda Leeson, DOM. L.Ac.

Areas of Expertise
• Anxiety, Depression & Stress
• Digestive Complaints
• Acute & Chronic Pain Syndromes
• Women’s Health Issues
• Cardiovascular & Respiratory Diseases
• Endocrine & Urinary Issues
• Immune System Dysfunction
List of diseases we successfully treat.



Florida Acupuncturist and Homeopathic Physician

Not feeling better after conventional medical treatment?

Looking to resolve persistent health issues that have thus far been unresponsive to mainstream medicine? Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, homeopathy and garden-fresh nutrition excel in promoting and restoring the balance of energy that flows throughout your body. At Nature’s Own Wellness, we take pride in our twelve years of experience successfully resolving a wide variety of health issues using these modalities.

Your Drug-Free Solution to Health Care!

These natural therapies stimulate your body’s innate healing memory, encouraging and guiding it to correct signs and symptoms of imbalance or disease. As your body begins to heal, your pain will disappear, your energy will return, and your spirit will shine!

Restore your health quickly & safely with proven therapies that work!

Over 8 million people are using acupuncture and homeopathy in the United States. More and more are turning to these holistic forms of medicine every day. I am committed to getting your health back on track. I’ll also help you discover dietary choices that will enhance and sustain your vitality. When you no longer need my help, you graduate, with a whole new outlook on life and more energy than you ever dreamed possible. For more information about my training and experience, see Curriculum Vitae

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